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2014 Year

C.A.B. Community Against Bullying is a 501 (3)c non-profit organization.  We are a dynamic group of parents, grandparents, teachers and school staff, bus drivers, and other concerned citizens in our community.  We are here to support schools with funding for educational programs for bullying prevention and we also support other groups in the community that want to be educated on prevention of bullying.

We focus on empowering students to be the change they wish to see in the world.  The best advice and the foundation of how our organization keeps going, it takes the entire community to make a difference in battling bullying.  It is not a school problem alone, bullying happens everywhere.

If you would like C.A.B. Community Against Bullying to speak at your school, business, church or organization please email us.  We have learned great approaches to help communities rally around the victims of bullying and help kids and adults to not stay in victimhood.  We have impacting information to inspire you to feel powerful about what you can do and help others.

Did you know… that 1 in 25 bullying incidences don‘t get noticed by teachers? It is because bullies thrive when authority is weak. Recent reports in the State of Minnesota detail that if you are a parent of a student in Minnesota there is a more than 50% chance that they have been bullied. Victims tend to be silenced by their bullies and don‘t report and bystanders don‘t report as much as they should for fear of becoming the target. It is dire that we change the climate in our schools. Thus is the work of C.A.B.

We are an active group that meets the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 each month at Oak Park Mall in Austin, MN in the Community Meeting Room near the Vision World Store.  There will be a C.A.B. banner permanently displayed at the location that we are meeting.  Public always welcomed.

How you can help…

Cash Donation Our mission is far reaching, but not inexpensive. Cash donations will be used to promote C.A.B. ac-tivities and purchase supplies needed for fundraising and public relations. Donations can be sent to CAB by contacting Danielle Nesvold at 507-440-8857.

T-shirt and Anti Bully Band Sales – purchase your shirt and anti bully band and start the conversation. Get your neighbors talking about the campaign. DON’T LET THE BULLYING SILENCE OUR COMMUNITY.

Volunteer Power Members can volunteer at C.A.B. events—the more the merrier!

Grant Awareness If you are aware of a grant possibility, please share with any member of C.A.B. or call Danielle Nesvold at 507-440-8857.

Join our Facebook group  Meeting dates, progress update, resource referrals…it‘s all there! Speak your mind or silently join in; it‘s up to you. Spread the Word The more people know about C.A.B. and our efforts, the more effective we can be. Come one, come all! Don‘t Stand By…Stand Up!